Shady Grove RV & Cabins Ltd.

Park Rules:

These rules are mandatory there are no exceptions. If you violate the rules you will be evicted.

  • Registration and payment is due before parking your RV or occupying a Cabin.
  • A deposit is mandatory to ensure no damage or cleaning of sites is required.
  • Visitors are the responsibility of registrants. Inform them of the rules.
  • Default occupancy is single (one person) unless declared otherwise at registration. Maximum 2 adults per site.
  • No abuse of facilities or management will be tolerated.
  • No smoking in buildings or cabins. Do not leave any cigarette butts on grounds!!!
  • Drunken and or aggressive behavior will result in eviction. Drink moderately and if you smoke cannabis please be considerate of others and do it only on your own site. Keep it away from any children and families.
  • No loud noise after 22:00! Be considerate!
  • 10 kph speed limit. Vehicles unnecessary idling of engines.
  • Fire bans must be followed, check ca before you light a fire.
  • If you cause a fire you will be held responsible for all damages.
  • There is firewood at the rear of property it is free but it is your responsibility to cut and split it. Do not move fire pits.
  • Do not burn garbage in fire pits.
  • Garbage skip is located near the entrance. Do not leave any garbage unattended outside your unit. Please segregate cans bottles milk jugs etc., and recycle in skip provided.
  • A skip is located on the middle road for cans and bottles. Proceeds are donated to a local charity.
  • No vehicles on any grassy areas. No driving around park.
  • All lots and Cabins must be kept clean and tidy at all times.
  • Showers are free for guests only. Laundry and washrooms are open all day remove dirty shoes and keep the facilities clean. No one likes to walk into a foul mess left by the previous person!
  • No deep freezes, washers, dryers, pressure washers or other machinery outside of trailers.
  • No aggressive dogs. Limit one dog per site. If your dog barks and keeps patrons awake you will be asked to leave. You must pick up after your dog and they must be kept on a leash or in trailer.
  • No ATVs or extra trailers stored onsite without authorization.
  • No ATV use in Park. No washing servicing or repairs to vehicles onsite.
  • Do not touch park satellite system components. If you want to set up a dish it must be free standing not attached to park property.